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Lay Pastoral Assistants

St Mary’s Church has 5 members of its congregation who are trained Lay Pastoral Assistants (LPAs).

They all underwent a training course which was "extremely informative and, at times, eye-opening", and also covered Safeguarding within our Churches.  

An LPAs role comes down to being able to help someone when and how they need it.  So perhaps you’re feeling a bit lonely and would like someone to visit for a chat and a cup of tea.  Perhaps there is something you need help with, and just need someone to talk through it with you, or maybe you're struggling with something and you’re not sure who to turn to.  If we can’t help, we may know someone who can.  

Please feel free to contact us by giving Rev’d Mark Phillips a call on 01305 262477 and he will ask one of us to get in touch with you and arrange a visit or phone call. Equally, if you think God might be calling you to join our LPA team, please contact us.