Roles on a Sunday

We are very glad to be able to welcome people back into the roles they served in on a Sunday before the pandemic. If you would like to take on a new role, or if you would like to go back on a rota for something you enjoyed doing in the past, please contact Jean, our Parish Administrator.

Below are some of the opportunities we have to serve God and his people on a Sunday during the main service.



Greeting people at the door, serving tea and coffee, or breakfast, making people feel welcome and representing the church to new faces. Hospitality looks different from service to service but is about showing people that they're welcome at St Mary's. 

Crucifer - Carrying the Cross

The Crucifer leads the clergy in and out of the main Holy Communion service on a Sunday. By carrying the cross they show that Jesus is always at the heart of our worship together. This role sometimes involves wearing a robe, but the crucifer joins in the rest of the service with everyone else. 

Altar Servers

*once Covid-19 restrictions are reduced a little further we will be able to bring back this role.*

Servers prepare the altar before the Communion and help the priest to distribute bread and wine to the rest of the Congregation. 


Each week our intercessions are led by a member of our church family. We pray for the world and its leaders, any difficult global situations, for the sick and anyone we know who would like prayer. We also pray for ourselves as we respond to God in worship. If you would like to learn more about how to lead prayers before taking on the role we are happy to help!



Each week we have two readings in our service, the Old Testament reading, or part of the New Testament, and a Gospel Reading. Reading God's word together is vital to our lives as Christians as well as our worship.