Sunday Services


Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion - celebrated in the Wolfeton Chapel with the traditional language of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer - This is a quieter service with no hymns or added music.



Weeks 1, 3, 4 (&5)

Common Worship Holy Communion - This service is celebrated in the main body of the church, all are welcome. Outside of lockdown, there is usually a special Children's ministry provision (Sunday School) during this service. 

Week 2

Breakfast Church - our most informal service, open to all ages. We often have new members of God's family join us in baptism at this service. 



Weeks 1 and 3

Book of Common Prayer Evensong - using the same traditional language as the 8am Communion but without the Eucharist, this service is a partly-sung, peaceful, celebration of God's word.