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Ministry Team


 Rev’d Mark Phillips

 01305 262477





Rev'd Leila Mather

01305 263761




House for Duty Priest & Safeguarding Officer

Rev’d Pene Kennedy

01305 251422  



Associate Ministers


Hon. Associate Minister

Rev’d Dr Hugh Willis

01305 262940



Associate Minister 

Rev'd Dick Luther 

01305  251547


Church Warden


Andy Morgan

01305 259664



PCC Secretary/Parish Administrator


Jean Garrard  

01305 259083




Children and Families Worker


Vickie Lawford





Lay Pastoral Assistants

Stephen Milner, Jean Garrard, Bishop of Sherborne, Clare Phillips

LPAs provide pastoral and spiritual care of those who are unable to attend church regularly. They often take Home Communion to local residents and visit those in need of fellowship and encouragement. To find out more, click here. To arrange for someone to visit you, please contact the Vicar

Our LPAs



Parochial Church Council (PCC) Members




Andrew Jones  -  01305 264316



Captain of the Tower (Bells)

Chris White

07783 555 199






Neil Cuthill




Alan Rowley