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Tuesdays @ St Mary's (T@SM)

T@SM is back!

T@SM  takes place every Tuesday during term-time.  We are open from 9am-12noon and 3-4pm.  We are not open during other school holidays.

It's very informal - just pop in, and stay for as long as you want.      We look forward to welcoming you for coffee, cake and a chat!  At 3.00 pm the children arrive on their way home after school!

Would you have an hour or so free to join us in welcoming and offering hospitality to those who visit?

Do you enjoy making cakes -  Large or small?     If so, Pat Tinker (Tel: 213403) would love to hear from you, as we would welcome any donations!

If you would like to chat about any of the above, please contact Pene (Tel: 251422) or Pat and Bernard Tinker (Tel: 213403)

Do join us!


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