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What we believe

As Christians we believe in one God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We focus our worship around praising God, reading and understanding God's word, breaking bread together, lifting the concerns of our community up in prayer, and sharing fellowship and friendship. All are welcome at St Mary's Church. 

Our focus as a community and as part of Salisbury Diocese is on renewing the hope that we all have in God: hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ, and hope that the Holy Spirit can and will work through our everyday lives to transform us and our community as we pray, serve and grow together.

God our Father, renew our hope,

by the Holy Spirit's power strengthen us

to pray readily, serve joyfully and grow abundantly,

rejoicing in Jesus Christ our Lord,



As we reflect on our hope in God. We ask ourselves these questions:

What do you pray for?

Whom do you serve?

How will you grow?