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Confirmation and Baptism


We rejoice in baptising new members of God's family (also known as Christening). This happens at our main Sunday morning service so that the whole church family can welcome the newest member of the church.

There is no upper or lower age limit for baptisms, all are welcome in God's church.

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Please click here to send in a request to Jean Garrard (our Parish Administrator) 

If you have any questions please get in touch on 01305 259083


Notes for Parents and Godparents:

Please use these notes whilst approaching those you wish to act as Godparents these can also be found on the Church Website under Confirmation and Baptism:

1. As a parent or godparent you should ask yourself:

  • Are you prepared to the best of your ability to give the child a Christian upbringing within the family of Christ’s Church?
  • Will you help the child to be regular in public worship and in prayer, not only by your teaching but also by your example and your prayers?
  • Will you encourage the child in due time to come to Confirmation and Communion?

It is not essential under Church law for parents to be baptised and confirmed unless they are also to be godparents.


2. It is usual to have three godparents, two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex, but to have one godfather and one godmother is sufficient if there are problems finding three godparents.

  • Parents may be godparents to their own children, provided that the child has at least one other godparent.
  • Sponsors in addition to godparents are permitted.
  • Church law requires that godparents should be baptised and confirmed, but the requirements of confirmation can be relaxed in certain cases.

3. If the candidate is not a child, sponsors, who like godparents should normally be baptised and confirmed, may take the place of godparents.

4. A child should normally be baptised at his or her parish church or the church the parents normally attend. 

5. The usual times for baptism are on the second Sunday of the month, during our 9.30 am Service.


Confirmation is a special time in a Christian's life when they decide to publically declare their faith in front of their family, friends and church family. It is the next step after baptism, depending on when someone has been baptised, and usually comes with your first time receiving Holy Communion, although at St Mary's we welcome everyone to the Lord's table.

We are happy to walk with every confirmation candidate through their journey as they decide to step forward in faith, please contact a member of the ministry team if you would like to explore this with us.

If you're not sure whether you're ready for this step, why not sign up for the Alpha Course, or the Bible Course, to explore your faith in a supportive environment.