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Welcome to our Christmas events page! Although Christmas this year will be a bit different, we're looking forward to celebrating with you all and we've decided to double up on our most popular services in order to keep everyone safe.

Scroll down for more information and for bookings!

Virtual Advent Calendar


Below are posters for each of our Christmas services, some of which need to be ticketed. Please scroll down and click the time link next to each picture to sign up for your preferred services.



Christingle - 13th December







Click Here to register for our 3pm Christingle Service


Click Here to register for our 5pm Christingle Service

Nativity Service - Christmas Eve!

Please note that the Nativity and Crib services are the same! 

Join us as we explore the Christmas story through the eyes of a cheese eating, mystery solving, detective mouse! Children are welcome to come dressed as a Nativity Character if they would like to!

This service will also be pre-recorded and premiered on our Youtube Channel after the services on Christmas Eve.






Click here to sign up for the 3pm Service


Click here to sign up for the 5pm Service